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carnival of Venice

Velencei karnevál rendezvény

At least for a day or an hour, but at least for a few minutes, let me hide in someone else's skin! Familiar feeling? This is the essence of carnival. Venice is the most famous for this. But carnival is loved everywhere. You can also arrange for your guests: you only need to rent the masks and costumes from us. The theme of the event can be a ball, or a show/parade at a city or festival event

Our services for the Venice Carnival event:

We can choose from a rich selection of programs: Nelly Fésős, Détár Enikő, Judit Ladinek, Brigitta Erdőhegyi in the company of Gábor Gábriel Farkas. The Createam dance group, the Maffia swing group and the Savoy Garden group are also authentic representatives of the era.
Room rentals, venue recommendations
Costumes, masks for rent
Actors, moderators

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