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retro event

Retro rendezvény

We can agree that what counts as retro is different for everyone. We count from the 1950s or the 1960s, practically it doesn't matter. A sense of life, something antique, old, which we refresh a little, make fashionable. Mainly in music, interior design: see the popularity of the famous ruin pubs os Budapest.

From an event point of view, we can invite the artists who were at the peak of their popularity in these years, or who cover the songs of this era in today's instrumentation. Good songs in old or updated arrangements are still playing with great success: they are evergreen. Almost all ABBA songs are unbroken in popularity. Countless tribute teams operate with undivided success, and we didn't even talk about Elvis impersonators back then. But countless domestic artists are also available: Neoton songs by Éva Csepregi, Judit Szűcs, Réka Koós, Kati Kovács, Rezső Soltész, Tóni Sólymos, György Korda or Bea Karda's productions are running with great success across Hungary. But our office also offers LGT, Viki Marót, Nova Kultur and the Fonógráf memorial band, who reworked the most successful songs of the 1950s and 1960s in modern arrangements.

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