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medieval fair

Középkori rendezvény

- Jousting show
- Medieval market scene
- Medieval costume dressing
- Choreographed equestrian and knight shows
- Authentic medieval sets and decoration
- Interactive contemporary games
- Stage shows
- Medieval live music
- Moderators in medieval costumes

Our stage shows can be held both in marketplaces and on stages: entertainment shows by Renaissance comedians with a fire eater, a court jester... military and armed demonstrations with armored soldiers or even a jousting show from the entry of the royal couple to the announcement of the winner. Medieval costume parade, costume dressing for both children and adults.

Games of skill, war and crafts: even in teams, archery lessons or archery tag, blacksmith's workshop, knight's club, forest fortune teller...

With decades of experience, movie ready sets and decorations for the scenery and decorative elements, choreographed equestrian and stage shows, and interactive games, we make your event unique, whether it's a company gathering, a village day, or a festival. Our medieval shows, decorations, sets and games can be ordered separately. We tailor the various programs, shows, scenery elements, modules and games individually to your event. Upon request, we create a unique story for the whole event: guests can get a reward by completing the games and tasks at the various stations and collecting a seal or all the seals for a reward at the end!


medieval day

Feast in the court