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medieval wedding

Középkori Esküvőszervezés

We can provide costumes, masks, hairdressers and make-up artists for your guests, as required, and we can print the photos taken on site. The medieval wedding can be enhanced with special catering, a royal feast, knightly productions, weapon demonstrations, but also a costume parade, in which the young couple as king and queen ride at the head of the costumed horse parade, behind them are knights in armor, ladies of the court, musicians, bards, court jesters, jugglers and fireblowers follow, producing a truly spectacular procession.

A medieval themed wedding is definitely special and unique. We can make it even more memorable with costumes, knights, court master of ceremonies, ladies-in-waiting and even equestrian shows.

Choose special locations, such as the Buda Castle Labyrinth, or rent out the Podmaniczky Vigyázó Castle. We set the basic atmosphere with lighting technology, candlesticks, and spectacular medieval decoration, and put the finishing touches on the "i" with costumed, armored knights, and actors.

We have heard that the hand of your beloved daughter has been won, so you need to make preparations! Your grace will not be disappointed in us if you entrust us with all the finer details of the upcoming wedding.

If you have a castle, we can hold it there, if not, we have to reserve one for the guests! Just tell us the number of the crowd, we know quite a few near and far! You can trust us.

wedding venue

Középkori Esküvő Díszlet


The Feast

The food for the evening feast will be provided by our chefs and caterers! We have plenty of wine and beer. Our Liberian butlers offer it serendipitously
Középkori Esküvő Catering
Középkori Esküvő_ Jelmezes Beöltöztetés


We provide suitable mock-ups for the macaws, the groom and the host of guests. Just ask in time, because we have to sew the new ones!
Középkori Esküvő Díszlet és Dekoráció


Sets and decor

There are plenty of flags, coats of arms and brocades, but the flowers are picked fresh!

They play the music under their feet serenely and diligently, and they even chat more quietly during dinner.


Középkori Fanfáros

master of ceremonies



The flirting man knows his stuff, you can be sure of that. We would have taken his head off if he had made a mistake!

Középkori Ceremóniamester
Középkori Udvari Bolond


Actors, Stuntmen, Fools

There are musicians, bards, flute players, all kinds of fun people in large numbers, they are just waiting for our word.


Carriages, horses


Does your grace come with its own, or shall I send a carriage?

Középkori Hintó


Sealed letter


We print your decorative seal and invitation on paper with an elegant design

Középkori Meghívó


Portrait painter or machinery


Our court portrait painter would faithfully capture the guests or, alternatively, we can make pictures with wonderful machines to keep as a memory.

Középkori Portrérajzoló
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