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gangster party

Gengszter rendezvény

A common event theme is the well-known era of the 1920s America. Prohibition, when alcoholic beverages were only allowed to be sold in closed clubs, under hidden conditions. It was known to be a breeding ground for the gangster world. Several films and musicals have successfully covered the topic.

An event organizer has nothing else to do than model the most typical elements of the era: hiding drinks (not really), similar music (early jazz works) and asking dancers to do the job.

Fake policemen, mobsters, servers in appropiate costumes. The Casino order fits well here: roulette, blackjack and other gambling games. We can take our guests for a ride in old-timers.

We can choose from a rich selection of programs: Nelly Fésős, Enikő Détár, Judit Ladinek, Brigitta Erdőhegyi in the company of Gábor Gábriel Farkas. The Createam dance group, the Maffia swing group and the Savoy Garden group are also authentic representatives of the era.

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