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baroque ball

Barokk rendezvény

You can host your partners like a royal gentleman, for which we can provide the following:

- Castle rental
- Carriage rental
- Liberian butlers
- Master of ceremonies
- Musicians
- Dancers
- Costumed extras, moderators
- Pantomimes
- Baroque theater scenes
- Dressing in costume with a photo wall
- Catering

Fortunately, the country abounds in baroque castles and palaces for rent. It almost lends itself to the theme of the baroque in these fine locations.

The baroque times are very special and interesting for today's people. It is relatively easy to achieve success with it, but at the same time, in this regard, the equipment and costumes which are typical of the aristocracy of the time, are quite expensive. Luckily for you, we gathered up a large collection of baroque costumes and equipments over the years.

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